TEDxUTSC | Speaker Release
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Speaker Release

This is Sheri Browne. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word Millennial? Sheri will call upon every generation to review the Millennials and see what is so special about them! Tickets can be purchased here: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is El-Farouk Khaki. A social advocate, founder of Salaam: Queer Muslim Community & Imam of Toronto Unity Mosque, Khaki will explore how Islam can challenge oppression, LGBTQ & minorities by creating inclusive Muslim sacred spaces. Join us on January 27th- Tickets: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Maria Raveendran. She is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto- Scarborough! In her talk, she explores how fashion can go beyond a hobby to become a force for personal growth. Can your perceptions about your own self be shaped by how you dress? www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Hilary Brown. Did you know that 1/10 women of reproductive age has a physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual disability? Hilary Brown is bringing to light how the reproductive health of women with disabilities has been ignored. Tickets: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is William Cunningham. He is a psychology professor at the University of Toronto! In his talk, he will discuss the limits that people have in understanding their own memories and beliefs.  How much do you believe? Grab your tickets here: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Samra Zafar. She came to Canada as a Child Bride & faced a decade of abuse. She overcame it all & became the youngest alumni Governor of @uoft!  Samra Zafar will talk about abuse from a cultural perspective & all of our roles in this conversation. www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Gracia Dyer Jalea. She is the Founding Executive Director of the Toronto Ward Museum! She will voice the fight of creating an inclusive Toronto, where the historically marginalized are not only heard & represented – but are leading change! www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Charles C. Smith. He is a published poet, playwright and essayist.  He will explore how diverse artistic mediums can be used to tell stories of everyday intersections between race, gender, LGBTQ identities & more! Join us on January 27th: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Chizoba Imoka. She is looking at decolonizing narratives with respect to educational systems, using Nigeria as a case study. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear this wonderful talk and get your tickets now! www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Darwin Sodhi, University of Toronto- Scarborough’s very own alum doing a masters on the impacts of invasive species on ecosystems! In his talk, he will be unearthing (quite literally) the importance of biodiversity & it’s vitality for the planet www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Girish Daswani. Are there benefits to being a “misfit”?  While being able to call a place “home” is important to feelings of safety and long-term projections for the future, never feeling like you belong can be a productive experience. Purchase your tickets here: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

This is Alexandra Flynn. When we look outside the windows of our UTSC classrooms, we see modern buildings. But gazing longer at these lands awakens us to something else: a multilayered space with a rich First Nations history. Prof Alexandra would be focusing on the evolving relations between Indigenous communities and UTSC. Tickets: www.tedxutsc.com/tickets #TEDxUTSC #unearthUTSC

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