TEDxUTSC | What are you?
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What are you?

Hana Syed

About This Project

Hana believes these passions and endeavours make up her identity but recognizes that identity comes with ambiguity and the emphasis this term places on physical appearance. Her Talk discusses societal labels and our tendency to categorize people based off visual features. She questions what happens when someone doesn’t fit into a predesignated category and explores the idea of rejecting the norm – specifically, addressing labels that society has imposed to discover our own sense of identity and belongingness in this world.

Hana is a student, singer, and social-advocate. She writes and performs songs with her siblings in the band, DEYSofficial. Currently, they have a song out with the ILO’s Music Against Child Labour Initiative and were featured by the CBC for their Pan-Am/Parapan-Am Games song last year. Together, they also started the non-profit organization, Global Youth Impact (GYI) – a platform for youth to be leaders and change-makers within their communities/abroad.


August 16, 2017

2017, Activism
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