TEDxUTSC | How To Deal With The Impossible
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How To Deal With The Impossible

Georgette Zinaty

About This Project

Ms. Zinaty’s will be doing a talk on how the immigrant experience can shape your leadership and in particular recognizing the evolution of oneself as an unfinished product. As we grow, we evolve, we learn – how we handle challenges shapes who we are. How we see ourselves shapes who we will be. My talk is through the immigrant lens, a female lens and one where there were/are no role models. Yet, I do believe each of us is destined to change the world in our own way. There is a reason we are here. How we lead and how we perceive each challenge/opportunity/uncertainty will shape who we are as leader, as change agents, as people and the legacy we create. I don’t believe in barriers – I believe in drive, determination, ambition, hard work , sense of self and confidence. When you build capacity within you barriers are just bumps in the road.

Georgette Zinaty is the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations for the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). An alumna of UTSC, Ms. Zinaty holds a Bachelor degree in English and Political Science, an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a MSc from the University of Reading. She is currently working towards her Doctorate at the Henley Business School (a joint program with the Rotman School of Business) with a research focus on business leadership and in particular what leadership will look like in decades to come. Ms. Zinaty also has served on a number of boards including the University of Liverpool Advisory Board where she was the only woman and only international representative. She is also an active member of the Business Excellence Awards Committee of the Toronto Region Board of Trade. She is a strong advocate for leadership and inclusion within organizations.


August 16, 2017

2017, Activism
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