TEDxUTSC | Public Safety is Anti-Black
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Public Safety is Anti-Black

Desmond Cole

About This Project

Black people want freedom, and we cannot be free unless we are safe. White supremacy means that our safety as Black people is set against the safety of non-Black people. So Black people need to imagine and bring forward new ways of protecting ourselves. Definitions of safety that rely on fear, suspicion, and hatred of Black people can never be reformed to include us. We need new, Black-centred definitions of safety.

Desmond Cole is an activist, author, and award-winning freelance journalist. His work can also be found in Toronto Life, Walrus, NOW, Ethnic Aisle, and other many publications. Desmond won the award for Best New Magazine Writer at the 2016 National Magazine Awards. Desmond Is currently working on his first book, a non-fiction exploration of the experiences of Black people in Canada.


August 16, 2017

2017, Activism
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