TEDxUTSC | Executives
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Zarin Tasnim


Nirusaa Nirmal


Mobeen Lalani

Lead of Conference Development

Oysharja Sayed

Lead of Program Development

Anne Ebenesar

Lead of Marketing and Communications

Gabrielle Bissessar

Director of Communications

Shagny Shanmugam

Director of Events

Elif Özçelik

Director of Design

Aaheli Mukherjee

Director of Productions (Talent)

Andrew Vyravipillai

Director of Productions (Technical)

Monisha Ahmed

Director of Sponsorships (Internal)

Aishwarya Sritharan

Director of Sponsorships (External)

Nana Ama Temeng

Director of Speaker Relations (Staff & Faculty)

Simran Vedvyas

Director of Speaker Relations (Staff & Faculty)

Piyal Sarker

Director of Speaker Relations (Students & Alumni)

Bushra Zaheer

Director of Speaker Relations (External)
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