TEDxUTSC | Executives
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Daniela Spagnuolo 

Chair of TEDxUTSC 2017

Reema Khoury 

Lead of Marketing and Communications

Talha Khatri 

Lead of Program Development 

Andrei Dumascu 

Lead of Conference Development 

Meraya Lamando

Director of Communication

Hazelmae Valenzuela

Director of Design 

Anne Ebenesar

Director of Information Technology 

Anastacia Jiang 

Director of Events 

Leandro Diaz-Matus

Director of Sponsorships – External

Grace Lu

Director of Sponsorships – Internal

Fiyin Femi

Director of Productions – Talent

Chantal Nabert

Director of Productions – Technical

Vipul Lalwani

Director of Speaker Relations – Students/Alumni

Zarin Tasnim

Director of Speaker Relations – External

Zabikhulla Yari

Director of Speaker Relations – Staff and Faculty

Cathleen Fleury

Director of Speaker Relations – Staff and Faculty

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