Engagements that Matter

TEDxUTSC is UTSC’s most engaging student group aiming to create everlasting value for members of the UTSC community both present and future. We broaden the horizons of our community members by engaging them in life-changing dialogue.

Ideas that Spread

We aim to create a new platform for the university’s sharpest visionaries to inspire and captivate the Toronto community through promoting the dissemination of “ideas worth spreading”.

Values that Count

Equity, social engagement, and academic cultivation are TEDxUTSC’s three pillars of values. Our values reflect the diverse background of our community and aim to integrate our community members to encourage creative thought.

"Tomorrow is created here. Today, TEDxUTSC showed why that’s our tag line at UTSC. They inspired a better tomorrow!"

− Malcolm Campbell, Vice Principal of Research, UTSC

"The event was fantastic. It completely lived up to what one would hope for from a TEDx event and it brought great pride to our campus. I’ve been here since 1995 and, to me, this event felt like a real coming of age moment for UTSC."

− Steve Joordens, Professor of Psychology, UTSC

"This TEDx event transformed the campus to a place of extraordinary energy and community spirit. If some of this energy spills over to the day-to-day campus life, we would all be richer because of it."

− Leslie Chan, Program Supervisor, International Development Studies