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2017 Executive Positions

TED is an internationally recognized symbol for ideas worth spreading and by applying to this position your fundamental task will be to embody that concept in all you do. You will become a crucial member in one of the most zealous teams on campus as we work closely together to proudly represent the TEDx brand at UTSC

You will have the exclusive experience in organizing one of the most influential events at this University as you collaborate with other idea generators such as yourself. We’re looking for individuals who exude confidence, dedication and above all, passion for the TED initiative.

By joining the TEDxUTSC team, you are partaking in a long-lasting legacy – a mission to unite ideas worth spreading where tomorrow is created. TEDxUTSC is a commitment beginning from the end of May 2016 till the end of the following academic year April 2017.

Our applications will close in

We look forward to your applications!

Lead of Marketing and Communications

As the Lead of Marketing & Communications you will strategize, manage and oversee all outgoing marketing initiatives to successfully engage and grow the TEDxUTSC audience. As part of the Leadership team, you will be involved in organization-wide decision making and aligning your team of 4 with the overall organizational goals.

Being a part of TEDxUTSC is an experience you won’t find anywhere else on campus. During my time with this group, I learned so many things, gained so many new skills, and was a part of a team who were as driven and passionate about inspiring others as I was.

Reema Khoury

Lead of Marketing and Communications

“Being a part of TEDxUTSC was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my University career. The amazing support that I had from my team inspired me to push out of my boundary. It was definitely not an easy role but seeing the whole team’s proud faces on the day of the conference and all our hard work paying off made it all worth it.”

Kendra Au-Yeung

Lead of Conference Development

Lead of Conference Development

As the Lead of Conference Development, you will be in charge of ensuring all aspects of funding, in-kind sponsorships, associates and the Conference day details (production, logistics) are conducted and completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Lead of Program Development

As the Lead of Program Development you will strategize, manage and oversee all Speakers’ related initiatives to successfully shape the program for the Conference. As part of the TEDxUTSC Leadership Team, you will be involved in organization-wide decision making and aligning your team of 4 Director of Speaker Relations with the overall organizational goals.

“Organizing a TEDx conference is no mean feat, but suffice it to say it’s truly a labour of love. We put our life and soul into it, had some great laughs, made lifelong friends, and it all came together in an experience that was unforgettable.”

Marwa Sheikh

Lead of Program Development

“TEDxUTSC will teach you to be compassionate, resilient, and just a better person overall. I’ve learned more being a part of TEDxUTSC than I have in my four years of undergrad. It won’t be easy, but nothing great ever amounted from something easy.”

Angela Li

Director of Design

Director of Design

As the Director of Design you will personify the brand of TEDxUTSC and translate its values into meaningful and persuasive promotional materials through creative execution. Your overall vision of design will represent the external brand and look of TEDxUTSC to our audience. We are looking for someone who is creatively driven, detail-oriented, proactive and self-motivated.

Director of Events

As the Director of Events, you will work with the Lead of Marketing & Communications and your designated Associates to execute key marketing events in order to promote TEDxUTSC, engage students and the community, and create awareness and excitement on campus. You will be expected to come up with innovative event ideas.

“Organizing a event of this caliber is a daunting task. It will hurt you, it will make you realize things you didn’t want to realize. I will make you wish you can die. But the rewards of being a part of TEDxUTSC easily shadows the obstacles you will face, and you’d come out a different person… or not… idk… “

Brian Cheung

Director of Events

“One of the things that makes TEDxUTSC standout amongst all other clubs is their dedication to extremely beautiful design. As an IT Director at TEDxUTSC, I’ve been pushed to uphold the tradition and really focus on making the website look extremely sleek and amazing”

Jack Yiu

Director of IT

Director of IT

As the Director of Information Technology (IT) you will be solely accountable for the management of the TEDxUTSC website among other technologically related tasks. Our website is one of our primary means of communication and information-delivery to our audience.

Director of Communications

As the Director of Communications you will embody the brand of TEDxUTSC through managing our social-media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will produce unique marketing messages to successfully engage the intended audience and drive attendance to our events during the year and our conference.

“For me, TEDxUTSC defined my 4 years at UTSC. It was the single biggest learning opportunity in becoming a leader, solving problems and building relationships. The exhilaration, gratification and inspiration that comes from our conference is like no other!”

Saad Nathani

2016 TEDxUTSC President

“TEDxUTSC was absolutely amazing and it has truly pushed me beyond my comfort zone.”

Abdulwahab Sidiqi

Director of Sponsorships

Director of Sponsorships

As the Director of Sponsorships, you will lead the efforts in all funding and in-kind services/food related tasks for the Conference. You will become the expert in managing the organization’s finances by issuing cheques for reimbursements and keeping records of revenues/expenses.

Director of Productions (Talent)

As the Director of Productions, you will be working in the Conference Development team and will be in charge of curating the talent displayed on the TEDxUTSC stage. This requires hiring and training a host and three performers for the program who are innovative, engaging, and consistent with the conference theme.

“Having been a part of TEDxUTSC as a delegate, an associate and an executive I can whole heatedly say that this is a project that every student should consider being a part of. The skills and relationships earned here are truly something to cherish for years to come.”

Ikenna Anudu

Director of Productions

“TEDxUTSC has been the drive behind some of my most memorable moments at UTSC. Through all the stress and hard work, I knew I had an amazing team to lean on if I ever needed any support. My team and my passion for the TEDx platform were the reasons I was able to reach my full potential leading up to and on the day of the conference.”

Andrei Dumascu

Director of Productions

Director of Productions (Technical)

As the Director of Productions, you will be working in the Conference Development team and will be in charge of all aspects of running the logistics and productions of the TEDx Conference. With the help of key University personnel and volunteers, you will be helping the A/V team to ensure smooth operations on the day of the Conference

Director of Speaker Relations

As the Director of Speaker Relations, you will execute the plans needed to recruit and train Speakers for the Conference. We are looking for resourceful, persuasive and personable individuals for this role. Communication skills are very important for this role and we will place each candidate in the category that best fits their experience.

“As a director of speaker relations, I had the opportunity to work with different perspectives and in doing so, enriched my view on the world. TEDx is platform that promotes critical thinking and diversity which brings people together, and that’s what I love about it.”

Zarin Tasnim

Director of Speaker Relations